School at a Glance

At   MDS, Chirawa,with the sole aim of giving our country such gems who will contribute towards a brighter, selflessly to everyone who wants to be a part of this journey. Freedom through education....


"Rooted Deeply in Indian culture Yet welcoming the future with open arms" that is the true spirit of MDS, Chirawa. Love,affection and a genuine concern for children are the prime reasons why MDS, Chirawa was established. Each child here is treated with tender loving care. We at MDS, Chirawa not only make the child "literate" but also make the child "educated". We believe that bookish study is not sufficient, values like respecting elders, obeying their orders and etiquettes like table manners are taught along with developing an independent spirit to judge between wrong and right.
MDS, Chirawa endeavours to provide the finest education encompassed within state-of-the-art infrastructure. Artistic and academic pursuits are encouraged equally and students have ready exposure to global heritage and cultures. The school’s curriculum lays emphasis on concepts and skills, rather than on textbooks. MDS, Chirawa students gain a clear sense of direction paved by their analytical approach, critical thinking skills and creative sagacity. Effective interpersonal and collaborative communication shapes these global citizens and leaders. MDS, Chirawa strives towards working with the parents and the community for preparing students to be responsible , productive, and compassionate members of a global community by placing the child at the centre of the learning process.