Management Team

MDS,Chirawa has been conceived with the sole purpose of providing effective solutions to a child’s school related issues, and with a conviction of making well-accomplished, responsible and all round personality. At MDS, education is looked upon as a holistic learning experience where the students are provided with all necessary facilities to develop their own abilities and talents and discover their potentials to the fullest in a stimulating and competitive atmosphere.

The school is equipped with outstanding educational aids and modern teaching techniques but its core inspiration is essentially India. The teachers are passionate about their subjects and are committed to pass on their enthusiasm to the students. Each student is ensured special attention to help him/her to achieve confidence – a gift for life. The social and moral values which are integrated within a broad and balanced curriculum help to promote confidence and critical thinking, leading to the development of well adjusted, adaptable and integrated personalities. Our belief is that every child is a winner and we will strive to ensure that they move out of MDS as world winners.

Prof. Sunil Dangi