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Admission Process at MD Sr. Sec. School Chirawa

Welcome to MD Sr. Sec. School Chirawa! We are delighted that you are considering joining our esteemed institution. Below, we outline the admission process to help you navigate your journey towards becoming a part of our vibrant learning community..

1. Admission Enquiry:

Submit the online Enquiry Form from this link or visit the school admissions office. Our FOE will get back to you to answer your questions and collect the required information.

2. School Visit & Interaction with the Principal

Parents / Guardians are invited to visit the school campus to understand the culture and ethos of the Institution. A meeting can be scheduled with the Principal, so parents can have an interaction with the Head of the school, ask questions and collect any information they require. This can be done by fixing a prior appointment with the FOE through email or telephone.

3. Application Submission:

Prospective students can obtain the admission application form from the school office or download it from our website. Complete the application form accurately and submit it along with the required documents to the school office within the specified timeframe.

4. Entrance Examination (if applicable):

Depending on the grade level and availability, prospective students may be required to appear for an entrance examination to assess their academic proficiency. Details regarding the entrance examination, including dates and syllabus, will be communicated to applicants in advance.

5. Admission Criteria:

Admission to MD Sr. Sec. School Chirawa is based on various factors, including academic performance, extracurricular achievements, conduct, and compatibility with the school's values and ethos. While academic excellence is important, we also value qualities such as integrity, leadership potential, and a commitment to learning and personal growth.

6. Admission Decision:

Following the completion of the admission process, the school administration will review all applications and make admission decisions based on the applicant's performance, suitability, and available vacancies. Successful candidates will receive an official admission offer letter outlining the terms and conditions of enrollment.

7. Enrollment Confirmation:

Upon receiving the admission offer, parents/guardians are required to confirm their child's enrollment by completing the necessary enrollment forms and paying the prescribed fees within the specified timeframe. Failure to complete the enrollment process may result in forfeiture of the admission offer.

8. Orientation Program:

Once enrollment is confirmed, new students and their parents/guardians are invited to attend an orientation program to familiarize themselves with the school's policies, procedures, facilities, and faculty members. The orientation program provides an opportunity to address any questions or concerns and ensure a smooth transition for new students.

We look forward to welcoming you to MD Sr. Sec. School Chirawa and embarking on a journey of learning, growth, and success together!

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