Attendance and Punctuality

As a school we very strongly feel the need for children to attend school regularly and punctually in order to derive maximum benefit from the school’s curriculum. Regular attendance is essential for the academic and personal development of children.

We expect that all parents will endeavor to have children in school during term time unless there are justifying circumstances.
If a child is absent from school, parents must inform the school by a written note or telephone call. It is important that you explain the reasons for your child’s absence to the class teacher or the Head of School/Academic Secretaries.

Doctor appointments
Should a child have an appointment with the doctor or dentist, please let the school know as soon as possible and definitely at least a day before the appointment. We request parents to try and make regular appointments after school hours or during the school holidays. We understand that in the event of an emergency this will not be the case.
Leave requests
Parents are not permitted to take their children out of school for holidays during term time except under exceptional circumstances when permission has been authorized by the Head of School.