Our Vision and Our Mission

To lead the child to a self-discovery, Process through exposure and opportunity

Our goal is to transform ordinary lives into extraordinary ones through Values, Leadership Traits and Character Building.

We also believe that a value-based education will develop a strong foundation for character development; nurture leadership qualities by developing confidence, respect, moral-integrity; and equip our students with the capacity to be effective citizens of the society.

p>Education at M.D is synonymous with Quality.

Our endeavor at M.D is to help children evolve as

  •  Individuals who are self motivated, creative and innovative.  
  •  Individuals who can think, question and reason out logically.  
  • Individuals who are independent, confident and leaders capable to taking decisions.  
  • The school has adopted a path-breaking approach for molding bright minds into paradigms of perfection.

Mission Statement

mission of the school is to:
Promote collaborative learning through diverse pedagogical practices for the holistic development of students
Create empathetic, responsible, self-reliant global citizens and leaders of tomorrow
Prepare young learners who can face the challenges of the 21st century